Front-End Engineer

As a Frontend Engineer, you’ll be a key part of the product team working across our suite of tools, with a focus on the frontend app for our Network product (, which is built in React and Ruby on Rails. You'll be deploying to production quickly and getting stuck into our scrum process from the very start.


Software Engineer (Frontend)

  • Salary: Our transparent salary formula adjusts to your experience + country. UK salary for this role is £42,430 + benefits incl stock options
  • Location: Can be remote (within +2 or -5 hours of GMT) or based in our London Kings Cross office
  • Closing: 5:00pm, 11th May 2022 BST

Job Description

Organise is striving to build a team that reflects the diversity of our community and is truly inclusive. We welcome applications from under-represented groups, particularly people of colour, trans and non-binary people, new parents, and disabled people.

💫 Who we are

Organise is a fast-growing startup on a mission to give everyone the tools, network and confidence to improve their life at work. Our vision is for a world in which decent, fairly paid work is available and accessible to all, and where all of us are treated with dignity and respect at work.

More than 1 million people are already using Organise. We put power in people’s hands, building a progressive force for change inside companies.

The Organise staff team pride ourselves on nimble, focused workplace campaigns. That means our team is decisive, ambitious and happy to take risks. We’re characterised by our energy and enthusiasm; we’d rather aim high and see what happens, than play it safe. We’re passionate about putting Organise members first – we believe change at work happens when more people get involved.

We're expanding our team and building out our platform to include a peer-to-peer network. We're building a space for people to build power and support each other at work pseudonymously. A space for our core members to talk to each other in a space their boss can't see. Small monthly subscriptions from members will verify their identity. The Organise network is paid for and protected by the workers. We currently operate in the UK, and are aiming to launch in the US in 2022.

Read more about our principles:

Principles - Organise

🙌 What you’ll be doing

As a Frontend Engineer, you’ll be a key part of the product team working across our suite of tools, with a focus on the frontend app for our Network product (, which is built in React and Ruby on Rails. You'll be deploying to production quickly and getting stuck into our scrum process from the very start.

You’ll be involved in product design - working closely with our Designer and the broader team throughout the design process to ensure we deliver great features quickly.

You’ll be testing, improving and iterating the features you build, based on live feedback and testing with thousands of users at a time.

You’ll get to contribute to our company-wide strategy and culture as we grow, and there will be lots of opportunities to engage directly with our members to see first-hand the impact of your work.

💪 You should apply if

You do not need to have previous experience in all of these to be shortlisted. What's more important is your willingness to learn and your commitment to Organise's principles and mission.

  • What we're building at Organise excites you!
  • You have 1+ years experience working with component-based frontend libraries such as React
  • You have experience working on modern frontend applications that consume backend APIs
  • You have experience (or a desire to learn!) writing automated tests for your code
  • You enjoy building semantic markup using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • You are curious and passionate about solving problems and building products that empower millions of users
  • You enjoy working with agile/scrum-like processes, involving fast product iteration
  • You are detail orientated when implementing front-end designs and have collaborated with designers on previous projects
  • You are able to communicate effectively and work well with a diverse range of non-technical colleagues
  • You are open-minded and willing to learn new approaches to your role and our culture

🥳 You'll benefit from:

  • Equity in the business
  • Wellbeing benefit and access to Spill
  • Remote working budget
  • Learning & development budget + progression support
  • Involved in other aspects of the business, from strategy, management and training, to shaping team culture
  • Being part of something that's both commercially successful and socially important

✨ Logistics

  • 🧑‍💻 Location: Can be remote (within -5 or +2 hours of GMT) or based in our London Kings Cross office (a dog-friendly office 🐶 with a lot of plants 🌱) and will we provide you with all the tools you need!
  • 💰 Compensation: We use a transparent and fixed salary structure based on experience. We are currently benchmarking our salaries - the UK salary is £42,430 + substantial stock options as part of our EMI scheme.
  • 😍 Benefits: 38 days holiday per year (including Bank Holidays), Flexible working hours, Childcare benefits/vouchers, forward thinking parental leave policy, menstrual and menopause policy, discounted gym membership, time off in lieu policy, team lunches and activities. Please note, these will keep evolving as we continue to grow!

💥 Some highlights from 2021

  • Using Organise, Amazon drivers landed national media coverage, including an exclusive BBC Newsnight investigation, exposing their working conditions & calling on Amazon CEO to lower their parcel targets back to a safe level. They’ve also met directly with MPs and got the Amazon CEO grilled in front of Parliament. 40% of drivers have had their targets lowered to a safer level now as a result - a huge win for their collective action.
  • Over 100,000 members pressured the government to abandon their plans to scrap the laws protecting paid holidays and rest breaks (working time directive) - including sending tens of thousands of messages sent directly to the Business Secretary in the 24 hours leading up to the U-turn. Civil servants tell us (off the record) that the department were ‘astonished’ by the level of public backlash to the plans.
  • Dan*, a Census worker, started a campaign when he noticed Census temporary workers were being asked to travel to attend their first-day induction without being offered to have their travel expenses covered. In response to thousands of people joining the campaign, ONS has agreed to make sure all temporary workers are reimbursed for their travel expenses. With this and the update to the Census Jobs FAQs page clarifying the expenses policy, Census workers can start their jobs without being out of pocket.

More about working at Organise:

Our Culture

Who you'll be working with

How to apply and next steps

  • Before you apply, you can jump on an optional 10-minute call with our Product Team Lead to talk through the role and answer questions that will help you decide whether to apply. Please email if you’d like to book a chat.
  • When you are ready to apply, you'll fill in a blind review application form with a few questions aiming to understand your motivations in applying & why this role is the right fit for both sides
  • To ensure fairness, your application will be anonymised and randomised when we are shortlisting. Instead of reviewing your CV, we will make shortlisting decisions based on your answers to the application questions. These answers will tell us a bit about your skills, experience and motivation for the role.
  • After shortlisting based on your answers to the application questions, we'll invite you to a 20 minute call to chat through the role and a bit more about you and our culture. We'll also give you plenty of time to ask questions, learn more about Organise and what it’s like to work as part of our team.
  • If both sides decide this could potentially be the right opportunity for you, we’ll invite you to participate in a short technical task. This task will relate to the tasks you might do in the role, and helps us to understand your current skills.
  • If both sides are keen, then we’ll invite you to a final interview that will focus on team culture and how you work best. You'll also have to ask any final questions about the role and working at Organise.

Organise is deeply committed to inclusive working practices, so during the application process we commit to:

  • Paying for childcare whilst you’re doing your interviews or tasks
  • Making any reasonable adjustments - for example ensuring we can organise BSL interpreters in advance if you’d like them
  • If there is anything else you’re concerned about or think we could provide, please let us know!

If you have any questions please email

Front-End Engineer
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What is Organise?

Organise is a worker-led network of over a million people who believe that better work is possible. Organise empowers everyone with the tools, support and confidence to improve their life at work. Our worker-led network mixes collective action and digital campaigning techniques to be heard at the highest levels.

The Organise worker-driven model allows anyone to start a campaign for free; connecting workers from the same organisation, sector or country - uniting members who share a common goal. It then provides them with the digital tools, support and confidence needed to raise a collective voice and improve their working lives.

The platform is designed to complement Union membership as well as support those not affiliated with a traditional Union. Organise provides campaigning tools including anonymised surveys, open letters, petitions, and communication channels to help amplify worker-led campaigns and get them off the ground.

Why did you start Organise?

The rapidly changing nature of work means that thousands of people don’t have access to the basic tools that allow them to collectively improve their lives at work. Right now big changes are being made to employment benefits and conditions without staff ever being asked. People are forced to ‘like it or lump it’ - and now lots of people feel that it's just the way it is. But better work is possible. Organise looks to turn that on its head, and give people across the globe - regardless of job title or industry - access to the tools they need to team up with their colleagues and improve things. All while protecting their identity, so they don’t have to fear losing their jobs.